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June 20, 2020

Gmail and other email service providers do not always deliver the email from to members.

Sometimes with Gmail or other service providers, the automated registration email from, or the Forgot Password automated email, or the automated resume notification email.... all these emails are sometimes sent directly to the Spam Folder or the Junk Folder because the company mis-categorizes the email from as spam or junk.

Please note this is a new and temporary problem caused by a number of emails being marked as spam. This problem only started recently. sends out 65,000+ emails on Wednesdays, and when Google AI has a few hundred emails marked as spam within a few hours, our server gets tagged as sending spam, which then causes google to stop delivering emails. Ultimately google AI figures it out and usually email delivery service is restored within 24 hours. However, we can not guarantee that Google will deliver automated emails, and does not provide a means to mark as a safe sender.

Please also note that this problem is a temporary and new problem, and that the problem is intermittent. Currently many members use gmail without incident. However, some gmail email address may experience this problem intermittently.

What to do:

1. Please check your Junk Folder and your Spam Folder for emails from

2. Please mark your emails from as Not Junk or Not Spam.

3. Google has some help pages for your settings.

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