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Director of Curriculum and Instruction


The Director of Curriculum and Instruction, (DCI) is a senior level position, reporting directly to the Head of School and working alongside the Director of Student Services/Assistant Head of School and the Jewish Studies Principal. The DCI’s role is to support teachers in delivering rigorous and well-planned academic experiences for our students. The DCI will work with teachers on a one-on-one basis to ensure superior academic achievement in the classroom.

The DCI will focus on:
1. Curriculum Development
A. Curriculum map
The DCI will review all current general studies (and Jewish studies, if applicable) curricula and design a workable, detailed and specific curriculum map. The map will be divided by grade level and list all the standards and subjects that our students are expected to learn over the 9 years that they are in school with us. The map should conform with topics that are assessed on standardized tests. The map will be reviewed yearly.
B. Curricula purchases and implementation.
The DCI will purchase curricula if necessary and will oversee its implementation in the classrooms. This includes teacher training and monitoring.

C. Curriculum Standards and Benchmarking

The DCI will network with curriculum directors at other local independent schools, will network with other Jewish Day Schools across the country and will network with curriculum directors at local public schools in order to make sure the school is keeping its edge and complies with state mandates and terms of accreditation.

2. Lesson plans and homework
The DCI will meet regularly (a minimum of bi-monthly) with teachers to review their lesson plans for the upcoming week. The DCI will help teachers plan lessons that are academically rigorous, conform to the curriculum map, provide differentiated instruction when necessary, and make best use of instructional time. The DCI will use the meetings to help teachers improve their pedagogic skills.

The DCI will also review all homework that is being set to ensure that it is grade appropriate and conforms with the set curricula goals for that classroom.

3. Assessments
A. Regular assessments
The DCI will help teachers plan appropriate and regular formative and summative assessments and tests/final projects.
The DCI will help teachers review and analyze the results of these assessments so that they inform future learning and teaching, both for the class as a whole and for individual students.

B. Standardized tests (ERB)
The DCI will review the results of standardized tests with the teachers, and develop academic improvement plans for the class and individual students based on the results.

4. Report cards
The DCI will help teachers analyze assessment results to provide meaningful and detailed feedback to parents on report cards.

5. Classroom environment
The DCI will work with teachers to ensure that their bulletin boards are lively and filled with current student work, and that their classrooms contain age appropriate books and games for the students. The DCI will also look for good use of space and seating modalities within the classrooms

6. Professional Development
The DCI will plan appropriate academic professional development.

7. Observations
The DCI will create a system to conduct walk-throughs and observations of all general studies classrooms. The observations will be used to monitor curricula fidelity, teaching effectiveness, and classroom management. The DCI will meet with teachers after the observations to provide feedback and strategies.

The DCI should be highly motivated and driven by results, extremely organized with an ability to balance deadlines and multiple workstreams, flexible and adaptable to ever changing student needs and work demands and hold strong written and verbal communication skills. Above all, s/he should possess an enduring belief in the endless potential of all students and should be committed to going “above and beyond” in the name of student success.

The DCI should have:

At least 5 years successful teaching experience in an academically rigorous school and at least 2 years of academic leadership experience.

Expert knowledge of what needs to be taught in elementary and middle schools to produce well educated students.

Leadership qualities that include a proven level of efficiency as well as the ability to work well with others.

Full time position benefits include health coverage, retirement plan, and?professional development.?

Bornblum Jewish Community School in Memphis,?Tennessee has been?serving members of the Jewish community from all affiliations?for over 30 years. Students at Bornblum learn in a?first-class?facility featuring 22 classrooms, a full-size gym, two auditoriums, a library, a computer lab, a science lab, and engaging outdoor spaces like a large playground with a soccer field and an outdoor classroom. Order and cleanliness of?Bornblum’s?campus encourage school pride and enhance students’ ability to focus on the task at hand–education.?

Our School provides the highest caliber dual language, integrated curriculum, with state-of-the-art technology, along with teaching for an appreciation of Jewish philosophy and religious practices, fostering a deep commitment and lifelong relationship with the Jewish people, the State of Israel and a mastery of its native language, Hebrew.?

Bornblum’s?approach to a successful education depends strongly on integration of general and Jewish studies.? Faculty are continually looking for ways to bring the two sides of a Bornblum education together.? This type of integrated learning prepares students for later education and the real world, where subjects and experiences do not occur in isolation from one another.?

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, profe*******************

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Job Summary

  • Duration: full-time
  • Benefits: paid vacation, sick leave, medical, vision, dental, retirement plans, Life Insurance
  • Preferred Experience: Managerial (3-5 years)
  • Preferred Degree: Masters
  • Job Posted: 2020-04-22
  • Times this job has been viewed: 359 times
  • Job is posted for: 60 days
  • Job Categories: Education - Other
  • Organization Type: Education & Schools
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Job Location
Bornblum Jewish Community School
6641 Humphreys Blvd.
Memphis , Tennessee 38120


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