Religious School Director @ Temple Emanu-El

Religious School Director

Administrative management functions:
1. The Religious School Director is responsible for writing curriculum that is in accordance with the
teachings of Reform Judaism with the guidance and supervision of the Rabbi. The Religious School
Director is further responsible for revising the curriculum and implementing it over the course of the
school year. The curriculum should be presented to the Religious School Committee and the Board of
Directors on an annual basis. A summary of each grade’s curriculum should be available to all parents.
The summary should include the goals set for each grade as well as service attendance requirements.
2. The Religious School Director must present at three meeting of the Board of Directors in person:
At the meeting prior to the beginning of the school year the Religious School Director shall present
an overview of the curriculum including books and supplemental materials to be used. Teacher
assignments should also be detailed along with resumes for any new teachers/tutorial staff.
At a meeting around mid-year, another presentation should include progress reports and
proficiency by grade. An update on day to day operations of the school. Updates on B’nei Mitzvah
projects. This should also include results of the mid-year parent and student satisfaction surveys.
The year end presentation should include results of the year end parent and teacher surveys;
teacher performance and retention; school wide attendance reports and long-range planning for
the upcoming school year.
Monthly written reports will also be provided to both the Religious School Committee and the Board of
Directors. The Religious School Director will also deliver reports at the Congregation Meetings in the
Fall and Spring.
3. The Religious School Director will participate as a member of the Religious School Committee and as
such should discuss curriculum guidelines, help develop guidelines for hiring/evaluation of teachers
and help develop policies of the religious school. The Religious School Director shall also assist with
planning special events and fundraisers (e.g. Purim Carnival).
4. The Religious School Director will plan and organize Family Education programs and trips throughout
the year in conjunction with the Rabbi.
5. The annual Religious School budget will be prepared by the Religious School Director with input from
the Rabbi. The budget must be presented to the Religious School Committee for input, followed by the
Finance Committee, the Budget Committee and finally to the Board of Directors. Budget results will be
discussed with the Finance Committee on a quarterly basis.
6. The Religious School Director will attend the temple’s annual calendar meeting to plan the school
calendar. The calendar will be circulated to all teachers upon hiring. The calendar shall be made
available to the Temple Administrator to be posted on the website. Facility needs will also be
communicated to the Temple Administrator in a timely manner.
7. The Religious School Director will maintain a current membership with the Association of Reform
Jewish Educators (ARJE). The Religious School Director must attend one workshop that can be shared
with the teaching staff as part of teacher development. The Religious School Director is also
encouraged to attend ARJE events and should advise the Rabbi and lay leadership to facilitate
attendance. The Religious School Director should also seek out any webinars and workshops that may
be valuable to the Religious School’s curriculum and goals.
8. The Religious School Director must observe all teachers at least once each school year. The Religious
School Director must meet with each teacher to discuss and evaluate the observation class as well as
overall performance. Concrete goals for improvement should be discussed. A formal, written report
of the evaluation should be kept in each teacher’s personnel file. These files should be retained
throughout the teacher’s employment at Temple Emanu-El and for three years following the end of the
teacher’s employment.
9. The Religious School Director will have regular faculty meetings at regular intervals and additionally as
deemed necessary.
10. The Religious School Director will submit monthly articles to the temple newsletter, Kolaynu.
11. Fire drills must conducted on a regular basis. All fire laws must be fully complied with. Additionally all
security guidelines as set forth by Temple Emanu-El must be adhered to.

Day to Day Responsibilities:
1. The Religious School Director must be present at every session of the Religious School. The Rabbi
should be notified when it is necessary for the Religious School Director to be absent. The Religious
School Director shall remain until all students have left the building. During all sessions unless the
Religious School Director is teaching, the Religious School Director should be available to greet
students and to meet with parents and teachers as necessary.
2. The Religious School Director will oversee the classrooms and bulletins boards in the religious school
building and any other space where regular instruction is held.
3. Timely communications with parents and appropriate committees.

Application Instructions

Job Summary

  • Duration: part-time
  • Benefits: relocation option available
  • Other Benefits: Congregational membership, Religious School tuition
  • Preferred Experience: Managerial (3-5 years)
  • Preferred Degree: Bachelors
  • Job Posted: 2020-03-24
  • Times this job has been viewed: 206 times
  • Job is posted for: 60 days
  • Job Categories: Principal / Head of School
  • Organization Type: Synagogue
Job Location
Temple Emanu-El
100 James Street
Edison , New Jersey 08820


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