Middle School Math and Science Educator @ Beit Rabban Day School

Middle School Math and Science Educator


Appreciation of the precious potential for expansive intellectual and emotional growth during Middle School years.
Experience in and love of teaching Middle School.
Expertise in and passion for math and/or science (preferably both).
Commitment to facilitating the growth of each child, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.
Appetite for adventure and a pioneering spirit.
Direct, honest and kind approach to communication with students, colleagues and parents.
Joyful, determined and creative approach to problem solving.
Identification with Beit Rabban’s ethos to be a community that celebrates our diversity of Jewish affiliation and practice and grows a deep love and ownership of Judaism among our students.
Master’s Degree preferred.

Beit Rabban Day School, Preschool-8th Grade

Beit Rabban is a place of rigorous, progressive education, with an emphasis on nurturing the whole child. Judaic and secular studies are integrated throughout the day and through project-based units of learning. Our curriculum is designed to foster essential life skills: to cultivate a sense of wonder; a practice of critical thinking; an aptitude for effective teamwork; and a drive to exceed personal expectations.

Beit Rabban is a model of an open-minded Jewish learning community. As a non-denominational school, our families come from various Jewish backgrounds and practices and appreciate that students celebrate the multiplicity of views inherent in our tradition and are given the tools to access Jewish texts. Students grow a deep love and ownership of Judaism and a sense of responsibility to others as a Jewish imperative.

Based on a philosophy of small classes, Beit Rabban is uniquely capable of supporting the individual growth of each student while facilitating an intentional student community. Beit Rabban students develop individual passions, hone multiple skills, and will be well prepared to matriculate to Jewish, private, public, or specialized high schools. Students graduate with an understanding of their essential selves, ready to joyfully continue their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual journeys. Building on a Beit Rabban foundation, our graduates are equipped to become dynamic and responsible stewards of the Jewish future.

The Beit Rabban Middle School

At the Beit Rabban Middle School, grades 5-8, we embrace the opportunity to nurture, support, and challenge emerging adolescents, and we cultivate conditions that students need in order to thrive during adolescence. Middle school students require an authentic sense of belonging in their learning community; a curriculum that is relevant to them and of consequence to the greater society; and the opportunity to make personal meaning of their learning. Their teachers must demonstrate care for each child, be knowledgeable and passionate about their area of expertise, and bring joy and intentionality to the school environment. With these needs in mind, the core pillars of the Beit Rabban Middle School experience are:

Active Learning through a progressive, experiential educational model that values both rigor and relevance.
Empowered Judaism that fosters children’s fluency while helping them make personal meaning through deep and sophisticated study, joyful practice, and open-minded exchange.
Kind Community that actively builds character and relationships in a culture of responsibility toward our concentric circles of obligation: self, family, school, society, planet.
Boundless Campus that makes the best use of New York City’s expansive resources and opportunities, serving as a living lab for applied learning.

The Middle School Teaching Team

Each Middle School grade has five core-subject teachers in Humanities, Judaics, Math, Science, and Hebrew. Each grade is assigned a “Mentor Teacher” who also teaches either Humanities or Judaics to that grade.

In addition to getting to know their students through significant teaching time, Mentor Teachers facilitate brief community meetings with their grade three times per week and teach a weekly Mentorship period that includes both set social emotional, students skills, and healthy living curricula as well as emergent lessons. Each Mentor Teacher serves as a team leader for each of their students, ensuring that each child is navigating their coursework effectively and being well-served by all adults who teach and support them. Parents are encouraged to reach out to any of their child’s teachers, but they will be able to rely on their child’s Mentor Teacher as the primary partner for the child’s academic, social, and emotional needs.

In order to facilitate effective interdisciplinary learning and to ensure that each student is known and supported in a way that is consistent with the Beit Rabban Middle School’s whole-child educational philosophy, all core Middle School teachers meet as a group regularly to plan and reflect. The Middle School teaching team, in partnership with the Principal and the Director of Student Support, is responsible to shape the day-to-day experience and to engage in long-term strategic planning. Regular Middle School team meetings ensure that Middle School teachers are empowered to act upon this mandate of collaborative leadership.

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Beit Rabban Day School
15 W 86th Street
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